One of Creepyyeha’s most versatile pieces is her Iphie belt: With three separate belts combined into one and with a total of 4 parts, there are many ways that this style can be worn and layered. When I first purchased Iphie I didn’t really think too deeply about how I would wear her except for buying some sweet, simple black dresses and skirts, but upon receiving my parcel and playing around with the piece, I realised she was well worth her price by versatility alone.

To break down the garment itself into its four parts: The first belt strap is the Uri belt as holding down the main structure, with an added metal loop in the centre to attach each additional strap. The second strap is the belt that runs below Uri, which is one long piece of leather that wraps around the hips and meets together at the front loop, this creates the belt Alethea. The bottom two straps are the final, lower elements that create the full Iphie ensemble. So with Iphie, you’ve basically bought Uri, Alethea and Iphie all rolled into one and the belt can be worn as all three. This in itself creates a whole new level of wear, as it complements more clothes, lingerie and layering. Below, you can see each belt option on myself, styled with the Rina high-waisted panty by Kayleigh Peddie.


I have to admit, the next suggestions are my favourite way of wearing Iphie, which seems wrong because I bought her as a belt but she is absolutely outstanding as a harness. By turning the main Uri belt upside down so that the added metal loop is facing up, you can attach the second Alethea strap and loop it around the neck to join back in the middle. This is perfect to style with crop tops or long-sleeve tops, high waisted jeans and a vintage denim jacket thrown over it to finish the look, the harness peeking out from under the jacket has a nice subtle edge to it.


The second style is to add the two Iphie straps to the front and back loops on Uri to create two straps next to the halter strap. This is the ultimate wow factor and I only really wear this style on its own with a nice pair of knickers to give it the dramatic effect it deserves. I do think this style would look great layered over a tight fitted, turtleneck sheer crop top so if anyone wants to try this I would love to see it!


The final look is removing the Alethea strap and leaving the two Iphie straps to create a brace harness effect, which is also fun to wear on its own. Wearing her with a thin strap vest top or a strappy bodycon dress hides the thin straps of the top, giving it the look that the belt straps are the straps for the garment underneath, but also giving you a little lift under the breasts. The only issue with wearing the straps this way is that the length of the straps is a bit restricting, so this may not work on fuller busts unless bought in a larger size. It might also be quite hard wearing a moulded bra underneath because of this too, and I’ve only worn bralettes or nothing underneath when styling Iphie this way.


All in all, Iphie can be worn in a minimum of 6 different ways which means that she’s possibly one of the most versatile accessories in styling and layering, making her worth every penny. I’d love to see the way you style your Iphie belt so please feel free to comment or to message me over on Instagram at @TheLingeristas

Here are some pictures of different styling with the Iphie belt:

*Apologies for not providing links to each individual piece I am mentioning but the Creepyyeha shop is currently closed, due to reopen again Mid-July. I did plan to release this alongside the opening of her shop but it only opened for 1 hour last night before the maximum orders were reached, so instead we shall pop her on our wishlists and wait until she launches again!*


2 thoughts on “How To Wear: Creepyyeha’s Iphie Belt

  1. This post is AMAZING! :O I didn’t know Iphie was so versatile, I would’ve never thought of wearing her as a harness. I especially love the second harness combination where all four parts are used. Moving her to the top of my wishlist now. I also love your outfits at the end of the post, you have a great sense of style. Thank you for making this post and showing us Iphie in her full glory!

    (I was waiting for Creepyyeha to reopen her shop for weeks, but I missed the window because I was sleeping, so sad)


    1. I missed the window too!! I’m so sad 😦 but I’m glad this has helped you decide on a creepy piece! I honestly love this belt, and it’s totally worth the money.


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