At the moment, there are a few things that I’m really loving and immediately drawn to when it comes to lingerie: bodysuits, pastel colours and leopard print. So when I saw Hopeless Lingerie post an image of Denise on Instagram, I wanted her. She was everything I wanted rolled into one. I enjoy buying from Hopeless because of her work ethic and that her designs are completely handmade with love in Australia.

When buying indie lingerie I like to study the size guide to make sure that everything I order is the best size for me, and I can be put off by falling into an in-between size. One thing I find difficult with sizing, especially with bodysuits, is that the smallest size always comes with the smallest of waists, much smaller than I can even believe people have (girls, I am envious of your tiny waists!) Hopeless Lingerie make this process easier will a very informative size guide and also the option to order custom sizing for an extra charge. The team were amazing and took out the waist on the XXS so that the measurements were correct for my body (XXS bust, XS waist, XXS hips). From making the order to shipping, the process took around six weeks, and about a week to get through shipping to the UK, which is slightly longer than their time indication on their FAQ which is 3-5 weeks, but they do state that the wait can be a little longer. I believe in patience and respect for designers of handmade lingerie as it is time consuming,Β and I’d rather the designer take their time on orders to that they are made perfectly than to rush and compromise their quality.

When I received my Denise bodysuit, the first thing I noticed when trying it on was that it’s a little short in the body. I think a lot of brands have this issue of a short torso when it comes to bodysuits and I’ve yet to really find a designer to make a long enough bodysuit. It may be that ordering a larger size adds length to the garment but this could compromise the fit of the bodysuit and is a bit of a risk as I’m not sure how much length is added as the size increases. Sometimes a short bodysuit is ok if the fabric has enough stretch but the blue leopard print fabric, I believe, is a 2-way stretch which means that it only stretches in one direction, which in this case is in the width and not the length, so as a result the top of the bodysuit sits a lot lower on the front and is quite revealing.

I do think that the low top teamed with the very high cut leg can lend to the style though, giving a bit of a show to your legs and breasts without giving it all away, but if you are wanting to buy the Denise bodysuit for comfort then it’s not quite as comfortable as I’d have hoped from it. I was also hoping with this bodysuit that it could be worn as a top with a cute skirt, high waisted jeans or little shorts, but with the low cut it may be too revealing on its own.


I do really love the straps on this bodysuit, they add a nice comfort and adjustability to the garment, and the cross back is so flattering. The materials used by Hopeless for trimmings and straps are always of the highest quality and are so soft on the skin. The back of the bodysuit is cut low so it follows the curve of the back and the very high cut leg of the bodysuit hits the right point between the hips and waist to highlight the small of the waist which I really like. I also really love this fabric: the large leopard print is eye catching and so eighties, and in baby blue? Perfect colour choice!

One other little detail that is that the gusset of the bodysuit doesn’t have poppers, so when wearing the garment there’s no easy way to pee without getting completely naked. I do think that with poppers there may be chance for the garment to pop open because of the length so it’s probably a good thing that it’s sewn up at the gusset.

Hopeless Lingerie Denise Bodysuit

All in all, I really like this bodysuit (which also comes in black, red and mesh), and if it were a little longer then I’d be completely in love with it. As a customer, please consider your height when ordering this, I am 5ft 4″ with a regular length torso, so I feel that if you are shorter than this then you may get away with the sizing as is, but if you’re taller I would highly recommend dropping the team an email and seeing if there is a way of customising the length on this garment so that you can keep the comfort and not worry about any restrictions to the bodysuit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment or an email and I’d be happy to help.


2 thoughts on “Hopeless Lingerie: Denise

    1. Thank you lovely! I try to be as honest as possible, especially with custom or indie designers because it’s a lot of money to spend on something you’ve not been able to try on. I really like this bodysuit and writing about the length issue made me feel bad but it’s really not just Hopeless, almost every bodysuit I’ve tried comes up short in length. It would be awesome to have another size option for petite and tall but that’s just so many extra options that means more time, more grading of patterns etc so not sure designers will do it unless it’s custom.


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