After a conversation with my favourite blogger Of Lambs and Lace, about the sudden influx of lingerie accounts on social media platforms like Instagram with a seemingly infinite disposable income, I wanted to be a little more open about my spending when it comes to lingerie. Many other bloggers have been writing about this and sharing their own spending habits online, like Lamb, Write Me Bad Checks and Morning Madonna.

I’ve always been interested in lingerie, but for a long time I was only buying high street brands as I was in university and had a very limited budget. It wasn’t until I went to a specialist bra shop to be properly fitted that I started to experiment with lingerie. Once I was wearing the right bra size and excited about the fact I felt comfortable and happier with it, I began to explore a little more online. I found a bunch of beautiful lingerie babes who completely opened my eyes to new brands through Instagram: Through forming close friendships with them, I have continued to expand my collection and think more deeply about my purchases and who I am buying from.

I currently live with my parents which means that I’m not having to pay rent or bills, so I do have a larger disposable income than most, but I do not spend frivolously. I’ve been saving ever since I started full time work and am dedicated with it. I spent a lot of my savings during my long distance relationship with my American ex-boyfriend, with flights costing around £800 and the cost of living there for 3 months with no job meant that most of my finances were saved for needs, and only a small percentage spent on things I wanted. After my relationship breakdown, the money I was saving for travelling turned into a nice savings account so I could begin to work on feeling like myself again, on my own.

I am very strict when it comes to spending any money in my savings as it is pinpointed for the future and not for instant gratification. I work a full time job with a pretty normal salary and try my hardest to save around 50% of my wages each month. The remaining money from my wages is mostly spent on travelling, photoshoots and the creative parts of my life, and anything that is left over may be spent on lingerie, clothes or even transferred over to my savings.

sapph red french knicker high rise thong lingerie setSince January, my lingerie purchases have been relatively small, as I’ve started to really think about where I buy my lingerie and not buying for the sake of it. I’m working on saving to finally buy from brands that I love, and over the years have started to buy from abroad (before I was always put off by the import tax that comes with living in the UK: 20% tax and a horrendously high handling fee by our postal service) but below is my breakdown for the year so far:

  Brand Item
Jan The Little Bra Company Mercedes Bra $60 and Brief $26– Ballet Pink and Black PR Gift
Jan Lascivious Logo Knickers – Black The Lingerie Edit free gift
Jan Sapph High String Thong £11.50 – Red The Lingerie Edit free gift
Jan Lascivious Milla Bra £115 50% Press Discount
Jan Fairytales by Angela Friedman Lily Soft Bra and Brief $103 Gift from Lamb
Jan Bluebella Erin Set £8.40 – Red Bluebella Sale. Paid with wages.
Jan Agashi Belle Choker £38 Paid with wages
Feb Alexandrea Anissa Crimson Lace Balconette Bra $117 and String Bikini $74 – Black Paid with wages, $10 first order discount
Feb Vollers Corsets Spirit Overbust Corset £175 and Passion Underbust Corset £125 PR Sample for Review/Editorial purposes
Feb Sonata Rapalyte Valentina Bodysuit £299 – Red Instagram giveaway winner
March Hopeless Lingerie Denise Bodysuit $95 – Blue Leopard Paid with wages
March Agent Provocateur Masie Bra £65 and Brief £45 – Purple £75 Gift Voucher & paid with wages
April Calvin Klein CK One Cotton Bralette £28, CK One Cheekini £20 and Signature Push Up Bra £38 Paid with wages
May Chantal Thomass Passion’elle Bra €94.90 and Brief €44.90 – Black Paid with wages

Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like a crazy amount! But that just shows to me that I really am being good when it comes to thinking about my purchases instead of impulse buying. I also had a little lull in my love for lingerie from the time I shut down the old blog until a few weeks ago, and I think that’s obvious in my spending habits as I started to slow down on purchasing pieces.

I hope this was helpful in some way, and shows others that instead of constantly adding to my collection, I tend to grow it slowly and show love to all my past purchases instead of replacing them with new ones. I’ve also started a wish list so I can keep all my future loves in one place and actively save for what I really want which I think will help me continue to buy according to my true lingerie self.


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