Ever since I started collecting lingerie, I prayed for the day that I had saved enough to buy some of CreepyYeha’s designs. So when I’d finally found a stable job and had the funds, I had the ridiculously hard task of trying to decide what pieces to buy. 2 days and one boob flash later (Thanks Dima) I’d settled on two pieces: Nedda and Iphie. I love a full set and originally I wasn’t fully sure on buying Nedda because there wasn’t a matching bottom, but after browsing the incredible Instagram account for CreepyYeha, I soon saw that this didn’t matter and I liked the way she looked with Iphie.

Creepyyeha Nedda – Black Leather with Silver Hardware

Nedda is a wonder to behold: She could give any woman a great cleavage! The way the leather sits over the breasts is slightly snug in the best way as it gives an obvious plunge effect. The hardware across the chest and neck causes no irritability as it’s carefully thought through in design, making sure any part of the piece that touches the skin is comfortable. The only slight negative I have with the bra is that the large band causes a slight bump in the front where it’s quite stiff, so lying flat against the skin is difficult, but this could possibly be resolved with the custom sizing. I bought mine in my standard measurements but now thinking about it, I feel I should have ordered the band maybe an inch or half an inch smaller. I wouldn’t recommend just following this advice though, the customer service from CreepyYeha is fantastic so if you have any questions, I highly recommend dropping her an email.

Creepyyeha Iphie – Black Leather with Silver Hardware

With Iphie, I ordered in the standard size but I wish I’d asked for a custom size, as it’s ever so slightly too big without much room for adjustment. Completely my fault though, that’s one of the issues when you’re worried your waist isn’t as small as you think it is! I have a 24”/24.5” waist and ordered the 25”-26” size, so when purchasing Iphie I’d recommend triple measuring your waist and ordering either custom or order the size range with your waist size as the largest size, so it has a nice snug fit. This will also help the belt to stay level on your waist with the weight of the added straps. Other than my silly size ordering, Iphie is an absolute dream. The fact that the second and third straps are detachable means that she can be worn in many different ways, and even as a harness if you turn the piece upside down! The second strap is one continuous piece which wraps around the back to join back up at the front, and the third strap is two separate straps attached at the front and back to create the longer, curved look. As someone with small hips and a very very slight hourglass, I wasn’t sure if Iphie would suit, but she is incredibly flattering on even my tiny hips, giving the illusion of a more curvy body.

My favourite thing about CreepyYeha though, without a doubt, is the attention to detail. With every single piece of hardware embossed with the CreepyYeha signature font, and every cut, slice and hole being as clean as ever, it is obvious why this brand is luxury. There is no faulting the daring designs and beautiful imagery that embodies CreepyYeha right to their core. Never have I known a brand that absolutely lives, breathes and believes every moment of their journey. I would highly recommend purchasing, and hope that this review proves why this brand is a beautiful luxury brand and worth saving every penny for!

If you have any questions, then pop a comment below and I will endeavour to answer as best I can.


One thought on “CreepyYeha

  1. Meep seriously, I wasn’t blown away by Nedda until I saw you in her and you’re killing in the Iphie. Thanks for the great detailed review, my bank account is not thanking you though because clearly I need more creepyyeha (and your self portrait skills…)



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